About the Course

Richland Country Club Golf Course

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About the Course

Richland Country Club History

Founded on April 9, 1901

Steeped in history and tradition, Richland Country Club was founded on April 9, 1901, originally with 150 members and known as the Nashville Golf & Country Club. The club fronted the Richland Turnpike and extended near the historic Natchez Trace.

In 1911, the membership split on the decision to move to a new location in Belle Meade, and more than half of the members left to ultimately form what is known today as Belle Meade Country Club.

Richland Golf Club

On October 27, 1920, the remaining membership formed Richland Golf Club with the club being located at the original location, but with a new course designed by Donald Ross.

Over the years, the Club hosted several professional golf events, including multiple Nashville PGA Invitational Golf Tournaments, as well as the U.S. Women’s Open in 1980, which was won by Amy Alcott.

A grand open house for the new club

In the early 1980s, the club considered multiple offers from developers to re-locate, and in 1985, the Richland members voted to move the club to its current location on Granny White Pike near Old Hickory Boulevard with the new course designed by Jack Nicklaus.  A grand opening for the new club was held on September 30, 1988.  

Present Day

The clubhouse and course have undergone multiple renovations over the last thirty five years with the most recent being a clubhouse renovation completed in 2019, which added a new fitness center, pool bar area, substantial renovations to the tennis center, and extensive interior/exterior renovations to the clubhouse, as well as a course re-design and renovation by architect Bill Bergin, which, upon reopening in May of 2022, featured a new course layout, including multiple hole re-designs, two new comfort station facilities, and a switch from bent grass to Bermuda grass greens.

Today, Richland Country Club is one of the premier golf clubs in the Southeast with facilities and services that are top shelf and also features an elite golf course that is beautiful and challenging for golfers of all levels.  

Tournament History

The Granny Junior History

People have asked who is “Granny White” and what is the connection with Richland and this tournament?  During the Club’s rebranding efforts in the late 2010s/early 2020s, one of the new logo designs considered by the Board included the silhouette of an older lady in a rocking chair (see logo depiction).  The design was inspired by Lucinda “Granny” White, who was a prominent 19th century figure in Nashville history.  She settled in an area a couple of miles north of the club’s location today with her two orphaned grandchildren in the early 1800s and started a tavern and inn that was patronized by people such as Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk, which allowed her to achieve wealth and exceptionally unique status as a female entrepreneur during that time period. The road that fronts the Club’s property is named for her (Granny White Pike).  

Given the unique design and connection to the area, the Board decided to incorporate the Granny White logo into its rebranding project, and it has since become extremely popular and a fixture on Club merchandise. Also, the logo can be seen on the flag flying high beside our comfort station near Holes 7, 8, 14 & 15 appropriately named “Granny’s”.  

In recent years, the Club has supported renewed efforts to showcase the course and Club facilities by hosting local junior events to allow amateur golfers access to the Club, course, and an overall elite tournament experience. Now, with The Granny Junior Invitational, the Club is expanding that access at no cost to junior golfers from across the United States and internationally who will have the opportunity to showcase their talents at an elite event. Welcome to Richland and good luck to all participants of the inaugural Granny Junior Invitational event!

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